2021 Planeswalker Deck: Garruk


Core set 2021 Garruk Planeswalker Deck

  • 60 card deck – ready to play
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Core sets are a great way for new players to learn Magic‘s ropes, and Core Set 2021 is no different. The five monocolor Planeswalker Decks showcase what each color is about and let players choose to focus on the way they enjoy Magic.

Planeswalker Decks are available with the release of Core Set 2021 on July 3.

You can view the Core Set 2021 cards in the Card Image Gallery, and you’ll find Planeswalker Deck-exclusive cards in the Core Set 2021 Variant Card Image Gallery.



Planeswalker (1)

1 Garruk, Savage Herald

Creature (26)

1 Garruk’s Harbinger, 2 Garruk’s Warsteed, 2 Ilysian Caryatid, 3 Nessian Hornbeetle, 3 Almighty Brushwagg, 3 Drowsing Tyrannodon, 2 Ornery Dilophosaur, 3 Pridemalkin, 3 Predatory Wurm, 4 Wildwood Patrol

Sorcery (1)

1 Primal Might

Instant (5)

2 Ram Through, 3 Titanic Growth

Enchantment (2)

2 Garruk’s Uprising

Land (25)

24 Forest, 1 Showcase Forest

60 Cards


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