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2508 8 Street E
Suite A
Saskatoon, SK
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(306) 242-8996


Jeff Kocur & Tony Antonuk

Owner / Founder & Manager


Do you buy old comics, trading cards, or toys?

Currently, we buy and trade Comics and Magic the Gathering Cards (in-store only). Call and ask for Tony or Jeff about Comics, and our Magic crew can help you with inquiries about cards. We currently do not buy old toys and collectibles.

How do I know what my comic is worth?

We can help guide you through the process.Call and ask Tony for advice.

Do you offer CGC grading services?

Unfortunately not at this time.

Accordion Panel

This is the best way to avoid missing issues of your favourite titles! Just tell us which comics you want to collect and we will put aside an issue every time a new one is released.Then, you can pick them up from your file and you don’t have to worry that they are sold out on the shelf. This is a free service, and you even save 10% on your books. Available in-store only.

Do you have a database of back issues?

We do! Visit Comic Collector Live and purchase under our store name, Amazing Stories.

When do new comics get released?

Different titles have different schedules, but most are released monthly or every 2 weeks.DC titles get released Tuesdays, and all others are released on Wednesdays..

What is a comic variant?

This is a comic with alternate art on the cover. Sometimes they are the same price as the regular cover, but some are more valuable because they are rarer. Stores must meet a minimum quota on their order to qualify to receive these special prints.

Do you sell supplies to protect comics and cards?

You bet! We have a large selection of bags, boards, boxes, and more.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! In-store only. It’s free to set up a membership, and you’ll save 10% off on all new Comics, Manga, Board games, D&D supplies, Paints, and Miniatures. You also save 20% off all Graphic Novels.

Are there special perks for libraries?

Yup! We love encouraging folks to read. Libraries save 20% off their orders of Graphic Novels, Comics, and Board Games. We can help curate your collection with great age-appropriate recommendations too.

Do you sell Magic the Gathering Singles? How do I submit a list?

We have a massive collection of cards.Magic staff are on-site Thursdays through Sundays to help with drop-in requests.We also accept lists on-line through email and Facebook messenger.

Can you special order Items for me?

Many comics, graphic novels, toys, and collectibles are available for order. Just ask!

Accordion Panel

Usually the first Saturday in May, this is the happiest day of the year! We give away tens of thousands of books and other prizes that day. COVID-19 has altered our usual plans, so stay tuned for more details as we safely figure out to celebrate with comic fans around the world.