Clank! In! Space! Cyber Station 11


  • 2-4 Players
  • Ages 13+
  • 45-90+ minute playing time
  • Renegade Games
  • Andy Clautice, Evan Lorentz
  • Expansion for Clank! In! Space!

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Eager to prove her worth to Lord Eradikus, COMMANDER PREON has built a research station on the edge of civilized space. There, she’s developing strange and powerful CYBERWARE — and using all the best of it to augment her own half- mechanical body.

  • SKULK around an all-new game board!
  • INSTALL Cyberware for abilities that last the whole game!
  • EVADE Commander Preon using her own Executive Escape Pods!

Whether it’s illegal, hazardous, or just plain fun, you’ll find it on CYBER STATION 11.

This expansion requires Clank! In! Space! to play.

Clank! In! Space! Cyber Station 11 contains:

  • New Cyber Station 11 Game Board
  • 1 Double-Sided Game Board Module
  • 40 Adventure Deck Cards
  • Commander Preon Boss Marker
  • 2 Executive Escape Pod Tokens
  • Rules sheet

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