Root: The Most Fun Woodland Factions in Root Board Game and Expansions

If you’re a fan of board games and woodland creatures, then Root is the game for you! Root is a strategic board game that pits players against each other as different factions vying for control of the forest. With its charming artwork and unique gameplay mechanics, Root has quickly become a favorite among board game enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most fun woodland factions in Root and its expansions.

The Marquise de Cat faction is a great starting point for beginners. This faction is all about building and expanding their empire by constructing buildings and recruiting troops. The Marquise de Cat is a straightforward faction to play, making it perfect for those new to Root. However, don’t underestimate their power – they can quickly amass an army and control large portions of the forest if left unchecked.

For those who prefer a more sneaky approach, the Eyrie Dynasties faction is a great choice. The Eyrie Dynasties are bird warriors who must navigate a delicate balance of power and order. Players must carefully plan their actions each turn to avoid falling into turmoil, which can severely hinder their progress. The Eyrie Dynasties offer a unique gameplay experience that requires strategic thinking and adaptability.

If you’re looking for a faction with a bit more firepower, the Woodland Alliance is the way to go. The Woodland Alliance is a rebel faction fighting against the oppressive rule of the other factions. Players must build sympathy in different clearings to gain supporters and rise up against their enemies. The Woodland Alliance offers a more political gameplay style, where players must form alliances and manipulate the board to achieve victory.

For those who enjoy a challenge, the Vagabond faction is the perfect fit. The Vagabond is a lone wanderer who must navigate the forest and build relationships with the other factions. Players must carefully choose their actions to gain favor with the other factions while also achieving their own goals. The Vagabond offers a unique gameplay experience that requires careful planning and diplomacy.

Root also offers expansions that introduce new factions and mechanics to the game. The Riverfolk expansion adds two new factions – the Riverfolk Company and the Lizard Cult – as well as new vagabond characters. The Underworld expansion introduces two new factions – the Great Underground Duchy and the Corvid Conspiracy – as well as new maps and cards. These expansions add even more depth and replayability to an already fantastic game.

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